Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Long time No blog

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It's been two years since I blogged. I stopped blogging for two main reason. The 1st reason was because I was crushing AP and didn't want the games to get harder. The 2nd reason was I was just too busy. Since black friday happened, I have debated starting my blog up again because I have had more time. I also thought it would be interesting going through learning new forms of poker with me. I hope to start updating once a week again.

Poker was going better than ever until April 15th. The day that changed my next few years. That morning I had a financial advising appointment with my adviser in Rochester. During the meeting, he was asking me how aggressive I want to be with my money. I told him I want to be very aggressive, but want to be able to touch the money. I said being a poker player we never know when it could be shut down. Poker could end today or it could end never. During this meeting, I missed a call from a friend asking if I heard about poker. As soon as I left the meeting I called jhub3000s brother and he answered, “Poker is fucked”.

There had been a couple times in the past where I thought poker was going to end for a while, but it never did. So right away I didn’t think much of it. But about 30 phone calls and 3-4 news articles later, I knew this time was way different. I knew there wasn’t much I could do. The only thing I was regretting at that time was how much money I was keeping online a shady poker site.

Absolute Poker has always had a bad reputation, but for some reason I always felt trustworthy playing on there. They had the best VIP service around and treated me like a king compared to the big sites. They gave me tons of bonuses and the games were by far the best around. But since black Friday, they have shown their true side. The only thing that makes me feel a little better about it, is how full tilt hasn't paid out yet either.

Even though I have a good chunk of money on full tilt, it doesn't come close to what I have froze on absolute poker. Somehow I have the most money I have ever had online at one time. It just had to be that day that my accounts were locked up. Now my mind state has been the money is gone. If a year down the rode from now I get some of it, it will feel like free money.

Since black Friday, I have set goals to improve my game and make myself more than just a 6max robot shoving machine. So far I think I have done a great job of this through videos and articles. I haven’t played nearly the same volume I was playing, but I have been playing a little on cake and lock. I will do a more in-depth blog about my results pre/post BF.

I am still playing for a living and will continue to do so as long as this “free” country lets me. But I have decided that this is a better time than ever to finish my degree. I will be starting in 20 days, which is going to be really weird. I most likely will struggle a lot my 1st semester because of being out of school for 3 years. I have about 2 years of an electrical engineering major left. I have really battled with myself choosing between an engineering major and physics major. Engineering majors are so much more useful in the world, but I enjoy physics a lot more. The incoming freshman were in 7th grade, when I graduated high school so that is pretty exciting.

The next blog will be about my results in the last two years. You can also find my twitter at http://twitter.com/#!/voss1313 My twitter is more about my life and this blog will be more about my poker life. I will end the blog with a couple pictures of my summer so far:
Myself on the left with my two roommates
Three grown males on a jet ski. #Nohomo
At a festival in Minneapolis

The hat Absolute Poker sent me a couple months ago


  1. Please dont refer to me as jhub3000 you fish. It's not 2008.


  2. nothin better than 3 guys on a jetski!!!

    Hopefully they teach English at Mankato State. It looks like you could use it!

  3. From now on I might just label you 3000. Try and get it trending.

    I have also known my Grammar sucks. You should try and read it before spell check.
    Math Guy > English Guy